He/she has been fed within 2 hours prior to a hydrotherapy session.
He/she has had a spot on flea treatment 48 hours preceding a hydrotherapy session.
He/she has received any type of vaccination within 48 hours preceding a hydrotherapy session. (This also applies to dogs not participating in a hydrotherapy session.)
He/she has an open wound.
He/she has had 1 or more seizures in the week preceding hydrotherapy.
He/she has diarrhoea/vomiting.
He/she has a contagious disease or a cough.
To obtain maximum benefit of your dog's session, we advise you not to exercise your dog before the hydrotherapy session. A 10-15 minute gentle walk is fine.
Whilst you are on the premises, all dogs must be kept on a lead at ALL times, and kept a safe distance from other dogs visiting the Centre.
Please advise us if children or other dogs are coming to watch the first hydrotherapy session; they can be very encouraging but can also provide distractions.
Parking is provided outside the hydrotherapy centre barn. Please park along the hedgerow.
Please advise us if your dog is receiving chemotherapy treatment before allowing entry to the pool/treadmill.
If your dog should foul within the grounds of the hydrotherapy centre (including the driveway and surrounding areas before the main gates), please be kind enough to clear it up with a poo bag; you may then leave it in the dog waste bins provided. If your dog empties it's bowels in the pool, unfortunately there will be a minimum charge of £100. This is due to the fact that the pool requires immediate closure following such an incident for a minimum of 16 hours, and therefore all sessions on that day are cancelled. This means that dogs in serious need of treatment are turned away at these times.
Filming of hydrotherapy sessions using a camera or mobile phone is prohibited at the first session. If you would like to take photos of your dog's session, please ask and we will provide a suitable opportunity for you. This also applies to any spectators/guests. 
Your dog will be fitted with a buoyancy aid and/or harness for treatment in line with regulations from our governing hydrotherapy associations. A typical hydrotherapy session is approximately 20-25 minutes but may vary depending on condition.
Post hydrotherapy treatment, your dog will be showered and shampoo'd. Please feel free to bring your own shampoo, but we are more than happy to use ours - it is tree based and has proved very popular for many years. We will then hand your dog back to you for lead and collar. Dogs MUST be on a lead at ALL times unless otherwise directed.
There is a dryer blaster available for you to use. It is also advisable during the colder months to use a towelling coat or fleece coat on your dog to keep warm following sessions.
If your dog is tired after their hydrotherapy session and wants to sleep the rest of the day, it is advisable to get them moving every hour to avoid stiffness.
If your dog is energetic after a session, it is advisable to keep them calm to avoid any injuries.
Payments are taken at the end of each session unless they have been paid for in advance. If you wish to use one of our special offers, payment will be taken at the end of the first session. Please note that pre-paid sessions must be used within 6 months of purchase. Refunds will only be given under exceptional circumstances.
Hydrotherapists reserve the right to refuse treatment to any dog if they feel it is not appropriate, and may refer back to your Veterinary Surgeon.
Please note that we are unable to offer toilet facilities. There are facilities nearby at the Shell Garage/Little Waitrose on the A22/A26.
17.  Occasionally we will need to discuss your dog's treatment plan with other Specialists.  Please notify us in writing if this is not acceptable in line with GDPR.
If you need to cancel your appointment for any reason, please give a minimum of 24 hours' notice before your allotted time. For late cancellations, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee. 
If you are late for your appointment, please note that your dog may not receive the full treatment time.
Please note that these Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice, so it is advisable to check them frequently.
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